Guide to Clean Leather Bags at Home: Cleaning & Care
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How to Clean your Leather Bags at Home: A Complete Maintenance Guide

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How to Clean Leather Bags at Home - Handicraft Villa

How to Clean your Leather Bags at Home: A Complete Maintenance Guide

Leather bags have always portrayed the elegance of our closets, assuring longevity and durability. The splendid leather accessories include a stylish leather jacket, sleek leather wallet, and assorted leather bags for men and women, amplifying individual fashion tone and offering practical purposes. Notably, classic and fashionable leather handbags are made of natural fiber and are porous forms of organic material; they need routine care and conditioning to keep in shape for a substantial period.

Inclusive and genuine care safeguards leather essentials from breaking down, drying out and also prevents excessive moisture that can result in surface swelling or decaying. Moreover, classic and reliable leather bags always add immense value to our fashionable lifestyle. Since leather repair is costly and the products are delicate and relatively expensive, you need to adhere to specific guidelines and techniques while cleaning the leather bags. In addition, there are scores of distinct leather types and thus require unique insights.

Here, we have accumulated all the resourceful aspects related to efficient care and cleaning of leather bags.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Cleaning a Leather Bags

A resourceful and premium leather bag is quite a good investment, and it can support your fashion style and purpose for an extended period with proper cleaning. Let’s have a look at the few vital aspects that you need to know before cleaning your leather bag:

1. Types of Leather

There are assorted leather collections such as pigmented, unfinished, suede, full-grain, bonded leather, etc. Each leather has its unique care and cleaning approach, primarily depending on the kind.

2. Stain Types

Getting stains on a leather bag is always disappointing, and cleansing the surface is the next colossal task. Usually, there are different marks, such as ink-based, grease, and dirt stains, and each requires a different approach and special cleaning materials.

3. The Sooner, the Better

It is essential to remove the stain as soon as possible. Leaving it for an extended period will make the cleansing process problematic, increase the possibility of surface damage, and forfeiture of glossy texture.

4. Avoid Using Caustic Cleaner

A leather bag is made of delicate natural fabric and will quickly get scratched or marred when exposed to any harsh substance. Further, such abrasive material can also dismantle the shine and create a foggy appearance of the finished leather.

What is Needed to Clean a Leather Bag at Home?

You can do effective cleaning of your leather bag in the comfort of your home. Here are the things that are needed to cleanse the leather accessories:

  • Shampoo

It is the most consumed product that is used to clean leather bags. Simply pour a few drops of shampoo on the polluted area, gently knead the surface, and then flush with water.

  • Filtered Water

A glass or cup of distilled water is used for cleaning the leather laptop bag at home. Importantly, avoid using ordinary tap water that contains a substantial amount of salt or other polluted elements.

  • Nail Polish Remover or Alcohol

To remove ink stains and other things, you can use nail polish or a dash of alcohol. Just dip a cotton swab with solutions and gently rub the stained area.

  • Baking Soda or Cornstarch

Cornstarch or baking soda is an effective way to remove oil or grease stains from the leather bag. Sprinkle a dash of baking soda on the stained spot and knead it gently using a cloth.

  • Soft Brush & Leather Cream

When the leather bag is immersed with dirt or dust settled on the surface, you clean or brush off dust entirely from the surface.

  • Vinegar or Lemon Juice

Lemon juice or vinegar is considered the most effective home remedy to clean stains. Just mix the solutions with distilled water and gently stroke the polluted area with a fresh cloth.

  • Fresh Cloth/ Towel

A piece of cloth or tidy towel can be used to clear minor stains or settled dust on the surface of the leather bag.

Leather Cleaning Process: 8 Steps to Clean your Leather Bag

Whether it is your treasured leather backpack or handbag, accustomed cleansing is indispensable for keeping it glossy and attractive for a considerable period. Let’s check out the comprehensive process to clean your leather bag:

1. Understand the Essence of your Leather

The primary step is to know about your leather bags; there are several distinct types of leather. So, it is fundamental to know about the leather, e.g., finished leather or suede.

2. Brush off the Settled Dirt or Dust

With exposure to the outer world, the leather bag gets dirty and attracts ample dust on the surface. So, brush off the dirt and dust from the surface with the help of a soft bristle brush.

3. Creating Cleaning Solutions

The following step is an essential juncture of the cleaning process. Depending on the leather types, you can prepare an effective cleaning solution or use various cleaning agents accordingly.

4. Soap Water or Suitable Cleaning Agent

In general, soap water or baby shampoo is the most common and productive way to clean the bag. Make sure you use distilled water for the solutions.

5. Wiping Down the Stained Surface

After applying the suitable leather cleaner or soapy water, the next stage is to wipe down the polluted or stained area with a damp cloth.

6. Dry the Leather Bag

Once complete washing is done, use a dry towel or piece of cloth to mop off the solutions or excess moisture of the surface, and it will fasten the process of drying.

7. Leave the Bag Under Sunlight or Use Blow Dryer

After wiping the surface, keep the bag under sunlight for around 30 minutes to make sure it gets dried suitably. You can also use a blow-dryer to dry the bag as per your choice.

8. Giving Final Touch of Conditioning

Applying leather cream is the most popular conditioning practice; take a cloth and gently knead the surface in a circular motion. This process will amplify the texture and glow of the bag.

Protect your Leather Bag: Storage & Maintenance Tips

Essentially, if you adore leather belongings, you are pretty familiar that you cannot preserve the elegance and extend the life of your investments without adequate care and conditioning. So, here are some resourceful storage and maintenance tips:

  • Avert Exposure to Sunlight

Letting your leather jackets or bags get exposed to sunlight for a considerable period can cause immense damage. So, it is advisable to avoid getting direct sunlight to minimize the chances of discoloration.

  • Avoid Hanging or Keeping the Belongings Harshly

Resist yourself from slinging your delicate bag over a hook or doorknob. It will distort or misstate the leather fabric. So, standing or keeping upright on the shelf will preserve the leather belongings for a long time.

  • Resist Procrastination the Essential Repairs

Although leather accessories are durable, waiting until the last moment to make minor repairs may cause substantial damage than good. The moment you notice the first sign of impairment, mend the product as required.

  • Put Stuff Inside to Maintain the Shape

If you are storing your bag, it is suitable to stuff the empty pockets with bubble wrap or tissue paper. In addition, make sure the stuff fills the shape and does not elongate the original structure. This process will help the leather bag to remain intact, retaining the original condition.

  • Use Maintenance Products to Make Bag Last for Years

Genuine leather ages gracefully like a fine wine, and a serene touch of nourishment will amplify its durability and glow. There are various maintenance products such as leather cream, leather cleaner, and conditioner, depending on the type of leather.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

A proper caring and disciplined maintenance is the optimum way to preserve your treasured leather bag in good shape. Throughout the long journey of owning a leather bag, you may witness minor stains, scuffs, or blemishes during the adventures. However, there is nothing to get upset about; timely maintenance will preserve the original essence of the bag for a substantial period. Some of the simple hacks to avoid leather goods from stains and degrading includes:

  • Take immersive care and nourish with effective protection cream
  • Store your leather DIY kit, DIY leather cleaner, or bags properly stuffed and upright
  • Prevent leather belongings from common troubles, i.e., stains, scratches, or scuffs

Well, these are a few hacks to preserve your leather accessories. A sustainable and attentive approach is a secret to making them last longer. So, it is essential to understand the proper upkeep of your bag and receive healthy returns from the investment.

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