Custom Leather Goods Manufacturer: The Ultimate Solution for Your Wholesale Needs!

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Custom Leather Goods Manufacturer: The Ultimate Solution for Your Wholesale Needs!


If you are looking for an experienced Custom Leather Goods manufacturer to produce high-quality leather goods for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Our company specializes in creating custom leather products ranging from Leather Bags, Leather Journals & Notebook, Leather Aprons, Leather Wallets, and Small Leather Accessories, to custom branded products with embossing. With a focus on B2B, bulk orders, and white labelling services, we are the ultimate solution for your wholesale needs.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We combine high-end manufacturing techniques and expert craftsmanship to create leather goods that exceed your expectations. Our team of experienced artisans harvest only the best grade of leather to create custom-made products with exceptional quality. Additionally, we pride ourselves on having exceptional capacity, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and a production process that meets the highest industry standards.

Custom Embossing

Want to add flair and a personal touch to your leather goods? Our custom embossing service allows you to have your logo or design stamped onto the leather. Our team uses sophisticated embossing tools and techniques to create high-quality, long-lasting engravings that will make your products truly unique.


With a focus on B2B, we export our high-end, custom leather goods to many parts of the world. With a strong emphasis on exporting to the United States and Europe market, our products satisfy the demands of clients in these target markets and beyond.

White Labelling

Our white label services can help you to elevate your brand offerings. We offer a range of stylish leather products which can be easily branded with any graphic design or logo you provide. Your brand will stand out from the competition with fully customized leather goods that accurately represent your brand and its aesthetic.

Bulk orders

At Handicraft Villa, we recognize that your business cannot be slowed down by delays due to limited manufacturing capacity. We prioritize bulk orders by providing a dedicated team of highly-skilled craftsmen exclusively devoted to creating leather goods to your specifications. This allows us to fill larger orders with shorter lead times so your business can continue to operate seamlessly.


With our focus on B2B, bulk orders, white labelling, exporting, manufacturing, and embossing, we offer our clients an unparalleled combination of quality, speed, and flexibility. Contact us today to receive a quote and order samples to see the quality of our work for yourself. Looking forward to serving you!

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