Why is Genuine Leather so Expensive: Leather Bags & Accessories

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Why is Genuine Leather so Expensive: Leather Bags & Accessories

Leather is the soul of the fashion industry, and it never goes out of trend. Truly, if you’re looking for genuine leather products that serve your purpose for eternity and remain aligned with your fashionable lifestyle, handmade leather creations are the optimum choice. They are highly durable and offer you a great sense of comfort and convenience for a significant period. At present, the leather market is flourishing, with all sorts of products extending from faux leather to real leather.

The genuine leather is pretty expensive, but it offers a heavenly experience. You can also enhance the life of your essentials if you know how to clean leather efficiently? Genuine leather products such as leather jackets, leather aprons, leather bags for men, leather wallets & purses, and related leather accessories are timeless and majestic. The elegant leather accessories offer a great blend of fashion, premium build quality, appealing designs, and durability. That’s the reason behind people being crazy over reputable brands for genuine leather products.



Factors Affecting the Price of Leather Goods & Products

1. Use of Real Leather

The quality of leather determines the cost of the leather products such as leather duffle bags, leather wallets, etc. Notably, the cost of authentic raw material is quite expensive compared to synthetic substitutes.

Real leather comes from the skins of animals such as goats, cows, buffaloes, sheep, and more. It has natural scratches, pores, and bites that represent the originality of the leather. Moreover, original leather ages gracefully with time. Therefore, premium brands use full-grain leather, which is quite precious as it is the most natural form of leather. Sometimes, leather masterpieces are crafted using rare and exotic leathers from ostrich, shark, snake, and crocodile skins.

2. Making Process

Crafting an impeccable and alluring leather product involves a comprehensive process. We relish the beauty and touch of our leather accessories. However, they are the outcome of an extensive development process. There are various stages of the development process, including tanning, curing, fleshing, bating, soaking, painting, liming and more. In addition, the inclusive and time taking process requires robust infrastructure, proper sanitation, and an efficient water disposal system.

Whether it is a leather messenger bag or leather backpack purse, every genuine leather product has to go through these stages of development. Some premium brands sell handmade leather bags that are immensely valuable and luxurious that require skills, craftsmanship, individual dexterity, expertise, and substantial experience.

3. Durability

Durability is the essence of genuine leather products. The exclusivity and optimum quality of leather serve your purpose for a considerable period. The market is flourished with various leather products, including leather jacket men’s, leather jacket women’s, and a wide selection of men’s leather backpacks.

People who appreciate stability and strength will always trust authentic leather products and stick with them for an extended period. Real leather products are expensive, but they are an incredible investment. Their scalability, genuineness, and pure raw materials ensure longevity. The originality of the leather allows products to sustain routine wear and tear, offering an eternal companionship.

4. Dyes & Colors

The aspects of dyes & colors also affect the overall cost of leather accessories, whether it is a leather laptop bag, leather briefcase, or men’s leather wallet. It is a known fact that full-dyed leathers are costlier than semi-dyed leathers.

Full-dyed leathers require premium quality hides which consume significant time. Further, some leathers are crafted by hand, while a spraying machine finishes some leathers. Therefore, handmade leathers are more expensive compared to machine-finished products. A leather dye may vary depending on the quality of the leather. The quality of added colors also plays a vital role in price determination.

5. Tanning

The process of tanning is a prominent aspect of the leather. Notably, there are two categories of tanning; organic and synthetic. An impressive leather product typically uses vegetable tanning. It is free from any sort of chemicals and uses natural techniques of pigmenting that include tree bark and tannin. The process also requires substantial time, so the products are pretty expensive. On the other hand, most of the products result from chrome tanning which utilizes chemicals for the tanning process. It consumes less time and effort; hence the products are cheaper.

6. Brand Name

We adore our closet with branded leather jackets, leather handbags, and assorted accessories. It is popularly said, “brand portrays the story of a product”. A well-known and trustable brand adds credibility to its products and thus results in the additional price of the branded leather products. The market reputation and a rich legacy of serving the audience create a layer of additional cost on the intended products.

A brand and its assured quality indeed tempt most people. Once you are satisfied with a unique brand’s leather products, then there will be no turnaround. You will even pay a hefty price for the desired branded products from the leather goods store.

Why Choose Handicraft Villa for Genuine Leather?

Handicraft Villa is a celebrated brand offering premium and desirable handmade leather products. The quality of the leather accessories is unparalleled and portrays the essence of excellence. All the products do incredible justice to the finesse, regal, passion, artisanship, creativity, and inclusive human efforts. Handicraft Villa is the one-stop destination for divine and genuine leather. We strive for excellence from the source of raw materials to manufacturing. Our artisans acknowledge the sensation and craft accordingly that is accessible for the people. The products offer long-lasting stability and sustain the wear and tear of routine usage.

In addition, genuine handmade leather products are the epitome of elegance, perfectly crafted to meet your fashion style. They offer a wide selection and come in distinct designs, colors, compositions, shapes, and sizes. So, if you are searching for antique and captivating leather accessories to adore your closet, Handcraft Villa is the perfect terminal. We craft genuine leather classics.

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