Types of Animal Leather: Cowhide vs Goat vs Camel vs Buffalo vs Sheepskin

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Types of Animal Leather: Cowhide vs Goat vs Camel vs Buffalo vs Sheepskin

Do you love to get stylish leather jackets or leather backpacks? Of Course, everyone does. But wait a minute, what about the quality and the type of leather you want to get? They are among the most vital aspects other than price while purchasing adorable leather bags, leather wallets, leather jackets, or other fashionable leather accessories that amplify the charm of your wardrobe. In general, we noticed a wide variation in the price, quality, texture, and utility of identical leather apparel. This happens due to different types of animal leather.

Each one has its unique character that influences the overall demand in the market.

There are varieties of animal leathers available, having their pros and cons. The leather industry receives most raw material as animal skin or hides from cows, goats, buffaloes, sheep, pigs, and more. In addition to it, you will also find rare or exotic leather that comes from special spices such as snake, alligator, ostrich, deer, squirrel, stingray, kangaroo, etc. Leathers from rare animals are expensive and less in demand due to limited availability.

So, are you interested in knowing the characteristics of the prominent animal leather that forms the pedestal of the fashion industry? Let’s begin.


What are the Types of Animal Leather?

1. Goat Leather

Goat leather, often tagged as Morocco leather, is very well-known in the fashion industry and demanding due to its lightweight, pliability, and sturdiness. The unique natural attributes and the presence of lanolin make it smoother and rich in suppleness. Goatskin leather is more robust and durable; it even outshines cowhide leather. Its distinctive straight-grained texture, ridges, and pebbles make it cozy, warm, air-permeable, and immensely comfortable.

Importantly, the leather structure is embodied with a highly dense weave of fibers which is interposed with countless elastic stands. Also, goat leather is tough, stretchable, flexible, and has a high degree of water resistance, making it the perfect raw material for luxury leather products such as handbags, wallets, jackets, and more. With proper care and conditioning, luxury and utility leather accessories from goatskin can last many years. They can adapt to the harsh cold and a warm environment; the unique capacity and valuable natural attributes make goatskin leather an excellent choice.

2. Camel Leather

Camel leather is an uncommon material and ranked among high-character leather compared to other animal leathers in the market. It is incredibly sturdy and has a high degree composition of fibers per square centimeter that is approximately ten times compared to cowhide leather. Its ability to survive and adapt to the harshest habitat makes the camel hide highly durable and sustainable. Also, it is resistant to any tear and scuff.

The full-grain leather has a pebble-like texture with a unique patina making it a special and exotic fabric. One major complaint about camel skin is the smell. Well, the high-intensity aroma occurs due to improper tanning. Due to its exemplary stableness and thickness, camel leather is trendy in the shoe industry. It is also very desirable for making leather bags, belts, wallets, sandals, and other heavy-duty products. Such products last for a substantial period serving the purpose exceptionally well.

3. Buffalo Leather

Buffalo leather characteristics are somewhat similar to cowhide leather; however, it has better thickness and comparatively less flexibility. Its pronounced grain texture, sub-dermal protective layer, thick and spacious fiber make buff leather extremely durable and adaptable. It is available in many finishes and colors, including a sleek design, pebbled tans, and exotic grained hides. The distinctive natural traits make buffalo hide more breathable, which assist in absorbing and releasing moisture, offering a great temperature adaptation quality making it comfortable to the wearer’s body.

Talking about durability, buff leather is legendary and known as stalwart upholstery fabrics to humans. It offers a great deal of endurance to extreme heat and cold conditions. Its elasticity and stable fiber composition provide outstanding resistance against wear and tear. The strong and smooth finish provides a graceful appearance to the exterior surface. The buffalo leather is mainly used in crafting leather wallets, leather jackets, belts, slippers, and a range of other leather accessories.

4. Cowhide Leather

Cowhide leather is by far the most popular and multipurpose material in the industry. It is naturally more robust and thicker than other major types of leather. The cowhide offers a great blend of value and performance. Its robust and complex fiber structure makes it sturdy, heavier, durable, and comparatively less prone to wear & tear. Further, apparel made from cowhide is more pliable, supple, flexible, and comfortably adaptable to the wearer’s body shape.

Such leather accessories are abrasion resistant, repel excessive moisture, offer great resistance to heat, water, and cold, and provide protection against any kinds of sparks and spatter, making them a splendid choice for outerwear and heavy-duty wear. Cowskin leather is the perfect material for leather jackets, bags, wallets, belts, shoes. Some of the well-tanned products remarkable may last up to four decades. It is also amicable and functional to the assorted kind of tanning processes. You can get cowhide leather accessories in a wide range of finishes and color options.

5. Sheepskin Leather

Talking about sheep leather, it is extremely lightweight and rich in suppleness. Its tender natural fabrics are immensely soft and stretchable and effortlessly adapt the wearer’s body shape offering incredible comfort. People from both genders prefer sheep leather jackets compared to other animal leather jackets due to their finer grain texture which offers additional smoothness and lightness.

Lambskin or sheep hide is the prime choice for the majority of the fashion houses that craft a wide range of aesthetic leather products such as men’s leather jackets, women’s leather coats, gloves, caps, and other delicate leather products. Thus, cowhide is among the most demanding materials in the leather industry and is readily available with a wide range of variations.

Importantly, sheepskin leather is not as resistant as other leather, especially in harsh environments. However, if accompanied adequately by good conditioning, it outlasts any fabric.

Top-quality Leather Products at your Disposal

Well, we hope that now you’re familiar with the most prominent types of animal leather and all the required aspects related to it. There are numerous options available in the market, and you can easily buy your desired leather outfits that enhance your overall personality.

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