How to Make Leather Distressed & Age it Gracefully?

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How to Make Leather Distressed & Age it Gracefully?

Leather apparel has always been known for starting stylish trends in world fashion. The fashion of distressed leather is the latest trend that has influenced a variety of sections of society to adopt this stunning and hottest style statement. Starting from celebrities, influencers to the young generation, the embracing tendency of loving ripped jeans, vintage clothes, old song remixes, weathered leather bomber jackets, or classic leather handbags has created a new sensation.

So, adopting old or classic fashion is the latest trend. Similarly, the voguish trend of using distressed leather products has justified your lucrative spending on leather jackets, leather wallets, leather backpacks, etc. Now, distressed leather apparel is more in demand, offering a unique and stunning fashion statement. So, let’s know more about distressed leather and how one can artificially age it gracefully.

What is Distressed Leather & Why People Like it?

Distressed leather is full-grained, aline dyed, and oil-tanned leather accompanied by contrived worn and aged impression amplifying the natural characteristics of the genuine leather in a positive manner that includes scratches, wear & tear, healed scars, wrinkles, and mellow conditions.

The natural traits of the genuine leather and the oil-tanned process make the leather soft and pliable, providing a worn-out, weathered, and beautifully aged appearance. Such distressed leather products are desirable in the mainstream, attractively portraying their journey. Hence, many people buy second-hand and vintage leather apparel from leather goods stores.

Why Do People Adore Distressed Leather?

Over the years, distressed leather products such as leather jacket men’s, leather jacket women, leather briefcase, leather duffle bag, men’s leather wallet, etc., hold the center stage of the fashion style. They offer a unique essence, story, character, and legacy. Further, distressed leather also signifies perseverance, the taste of time, boldness, and strength, portraying its testament specifically. Distressed apparel has emerged as the long-standing fashionable trend that has been embraced by almost every generation and duly adopted in their lifestyle.

The vintage or gracefully aged leather garments give a valuable impression of durability, functionality, adventure, and the repository of external risks such as scratches, cracks, wrinkles, and scars. So, there are multiple reasons why people love distressed leather and love having such products in their wardrobe.

How to Age Leather Gracefully?

After knowing how distressed leather jackets or leather handbags can amplify the real essence of genuine leather, it is time to get into business to comprehend how we can distress our leather stuff. There are a few essential ways to ensure your leather apparel stays in the finest quality while providing it with that tanned look.

1. Moisten Leather with Alcohol

Dampening your leather jacket or leather backpack purse with alcohol is a great way to provide a distressed look. You can use a spray bottle or toothbrush to lightly mist the leather with alcohol. Make sure you don’t drench your leather bag entirely with the alcohol; you may also use a piece of cotton cloth or rag to apply alcohol. Rubbing alcohol helps dry out certain leather elements to give an appealing distressed look.

2. Give a Beating

After rubbing alcohol on your leather, now it is time to get physical with your leather duffle bag or leather jacket to get a wrinkled look. While your leather product is still damp with alcohol, now it is time to knead it, fold it, squeeze it, crumple it and pound it to provide a well-worn appearance full of lines and creases.

3. Scratch Leather using Sandpaper

To intensify the worn look, take fine grade sandpaper and start rubbing the leather surface thoroughly, especially in innocuous areas like edges, corners, bottoms, etc. It will provide more authentic wear & tear look. You can rub the surface until you are satisfied or happy with your appearance; you may get a bit harsh while scratching the surface to a well-worn finish.

4. Go Hard with Rugged Bristled Brush

If you want to give additional worn-out impressions, take out a wire or heavy bristle brush and use it just like you did with sandpaper. Scrub the surface with a brush in various directions to give scars and scuffs on the texture, offering a desired distressed look.

5. Highlight Leather with Dusty Appearance

After so many experiments, if you are not pleased with the look, take your leather products, i.e., leather messenger bag, men’s leather backpack, leather duffle bag, etc., and throw them outside in the dirt. Kick your leather accessories around the dust, and this will give an additional dusty coating offering a perfect distressed appearance. Ensure that you’re throwing your products in the dry dirt and avoid any muddy or swampy surface. After getting the desired look, brush off the excess dust or dirt.

Give your Leather Products a New Avatar

A genuine leather product is an excellent investment offering a unique style statement and is a long-lasting companion. Real leather ages gracefully with time, holding the value and beauty of natural leather. Importantly, we can preserve the real essence of the distressed leather and cherish its uniqueness for a substantial period with proper care and conditioning. However, the primary concern is how to clean leather at home? Well, it is pretty simple; you can clean your leather using various products such as white vinegar, baby shampoo, leather stain remover, rubbing alcohol, and other water solutions.

Moreover, distressed leather is a fine full-grained, oil-tanned material with pliability and extra suppleness. It doesn’t need special or high-grade tools to preserve its beauty; you just need to follow some simple and practical approach so that they remain attractive and become companions for a considerable period.

  1. Use wax and leather conditioning cream to preserve distressed leather
  2. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight to prevent any discoloration or fading
  3. While cleaning leather essentials, avoid using too much water
  4. Avoid moistening or dampening and keep your leather dry
  5. Store your leather products in humid weather

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