5 Misconceptions About Genuine Leather Products you Must Ignore

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5 Misconceptions About Genuine Leather Products you Must Ignore

Leather accessories define the spirit of your wardrobe, offering the actual set of class and fashion styles aligned with your unique personality. The comfort, texture, and glow of genuine leather are unparalleled and beyond manifestation. Wherever you go, you will find leather offers a long-lasting impression and an elegant lifestyle. Whether accompanied by an adorable leather jacket or resourceful leather backpacks, it creates a unique fashion essence and individual charisma to your personality.

However, there are preconceived sets of myths related to leather that exist in the fashion industry, affecting the buying decision. Some of the prominent misconceptions include leather products being fragile, cost determining the quality of leather, cleaning leather stuff is complex, and so on. You must have heard those statements or suggestions and restrained yourself from buying leather bags, leather wallets, or intended leather accessories that you always wanted to have? So, here we are going to bust well-known myths associated with leather products.

What are the Myths Doing Rounds Among Leather Buyers?

1. Cleaning Leather Goods is Difficult

There is a deep-rooted misapprehension that cleaning leather accessories is an arduous undertaking. However, the leather goods are way easier to clean; you just need a piece of cotton cloth and lukewarm water. The process is simple but different from washing other fabrics; you just need to soak a cotton piece into lukewarm water and gently rub the stained area. This can be done twice a month or depending on the needs.

Also, it is recommended not to use any detergents or related cleansing agents; they might degrade the texture of leather jackets, leather bags, or other leather accessories. There are various ways to clean leather products using leather conditioners, baking soda, or talcum powder as per the quality or types of leather.

2. Color of Leather Fades Away with Time

Another common myth is that the color of the leather accessories fades away easily. Well, every material needs proper care and conditioning to shine and maintain its original finish. Among all other materials, leather is considered the most vibrant and resilient one. Its natural pores and texture allow it to look elegant for an extended period without losing color. Moreover, the leather will never fade its color if provided with routine care and conditioning.

Also, leather accessories shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight or heat for a long period. It will make the leather dry and create tiny cracks on the surface, reducing the overall life of the products. For example, your genuine leather jacket can be used for a substantial time without losing its essence, quality, and charm. It ages gracefully with time, offering an incredible companionship for a lifetime.

3. Leather Products Should be Kept Away from Moisture

You might have heard about such statements: water damages leather; you shouldn’t wet leather or keep leather products away from water. Well, the idea of keeping your leather accessories away from moisture is naive because genuine leather has a great capacity to absorb water. Therefore, if your leather duffle bag or leather jacket gets wet by chance, you don’t need to worry much about it. Genuine leather doesn’t lose its shine with minimal water contact.

However, it is advised to keep your leather products dehydrated to keep them more durable and attractive. Also, when leather gets wet, you can dry it using a cloth as it will not impact the original texture, and the leather will be the same as before.

4. Leather Goods are Fragile & Less Durable

This statement is truly vague and incompatible with the truth. It is unbelievable that many people still carry a great misconception that leather can broken-down easily, has fragile nature, and lacks sustainability. In reality, leather is the most versatile material offering excellent stretchability and durability. It contains its original shape and texture for centuries, providing an ageless impression of style and class.

Some leather products such as leather backpacks, leather apron, and leather journals are used extensively for a long period and still hold their original texture and grace. Notably, there are various leather grades with distinct textures and vitality. They primarily depend on animal hides, i.e., cows, buffalo, goats, sheep, and more. There is also some exotic leather from rare animals like snakes, crocodiles, ostriches, giraffes, etc.

5. Cost Determines the Quality of Leather Products

You will notice a large section of people iterates that the more expensive the leather product, the better will be its quality. But does cost determine the durability of the leather, actually? Well, the answer is a big “No”. The leather quality depends on various aspects such as leather types, tanning process, design, brand, availability, and more. All these components contribute to the final and balanced cost of your leather bags or accessories.

Apart from manufacturing aspects, the middleman or agent plays a critical role in determining the cost of the products. That’s why numerous brand charges are pretty hefty compared to others, as they distribute their leather accessories among intermediaries and agents to peddle their products.

Genuine Leather Products by Handicraft Villa

Leather apparels are the center stage of the fashion industry and have been leading the fashion trend with the delicate touch of the class. They are among the most desirable and sustainable wearables, including many assorted items extending from genuine leather jackets to leather wallets. Leather wearable never goes out of fashion, so don’t get deceived by some irrelevant myths or misconceptions related to leather. The quality, durability, and natural essence of leather are admired in every fashion industry. It not only offers strength but also creates a unique style impression.

So, get your desired leather apparel from the home of top-quality genuine leather products, Handicraft Villa. We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of authentic handmade leather products. Our impressive collection set includes leather jackets, leather backpacks, leather duffle bags, leather wallets, leather aprons, and more. Please get to know more about leather goods and visit us and explore our attractive collections.

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